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dea_badge_scales I am a former Special Agent of 25 years with the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration. My last six years with the DEA I headed the New York Office, DEA’s largest. In all of my experience I have learned three absolute facts, which many Americans fail to understand. First, law enforcement will never make drugs completely unavailable in the U. S. Second, most adults know almost nothing about the world of kids and drugs (how many of us know what Special K and Roofies are?). And third, drugs are devastating our communities, homes and workplaces, and we fail to deal with this in a way that will make any substantial change.

On the horror of 9/11/01, over 3000 people died due to terrorist attacks and we have elaborate and hopeful plans of preventing such an attack again. Yet almost 2000 Americans die every month because of the effects of illicit drug use, and most families have no plan in place as to how to deal with the problem. Instead, they use “Not My Kid” as a defense. Most school systems are doing less then they were in 1985 because they will tell you they don’t have the time or money to deal with this “parenting” problem.

Most businesses, while they think they are dealing with the problem of “substance abuse in the workplace,” spend money on programs that rarely make a difference (pre-employment testing), and leave themselves wide open to major suits due to the use of alcohol at company functions, entertaining clients, etc., without doing even the simplest things to protect their assets.

When I meet with parent groups, workplace related groups or schoolchildren, I try to present in a practical, no-nonsense manner, the issues they each face; as well as, share thoughts on how to cope and potentially resolve this devastating and debilitating problem in the U. S. Please explore further and see the programs we offer, in addition to what other folks like you have said about our approach.

Robert Stutman


About Robert Stutman

Taking to the front lines of the drug wars, Mr. Stutman made a 25-year career as one of America’s highest profile drug busters. A Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent so visible, the Columbian Cartel had at one time targeted him for assassination.

Bob became a street agent with DEA in 1965. In 1970, at age 27, he became the youngest supervisor (GS-14) in the history of the agency. In 1971, he formed the International Training Division where he remained in charge until 1976 when he became Director of the Office of Congressional Affairs. In 1979, at age 36, Bob was promoted to Special Agent in Charge of the New England Field Division (again, the youngest in DEA history). In 1985, Bob was given the responsibility of Special Agent in charge of the New York Field Division (the largest division) where he remained until his retirement in 1990.

Credited with bringing “crack” to national attention, Mr. Stutman was responsible for changing the policy of the federal government regarding this drug. As a result, William F. Buckley attributed him with “single-handedly changing the policy of the United States DEA.”

Considered to be one of the nation’s top experts on drugs, Mr. Stutman received numerous awards and honors for his work throughout the United States and from the governments of many other countries.

In 1990, Mr. Stutman established The Stutman Group, a Management Consulting firm that designs and implements comprehensive and practical substance abuse prevention programs for communities, corporations, and school systems across the nation.

In addition to leading The Stutman Group, Mr. Stutman has been the Special Consultant on substance abuse for CBS News. He has appeared frequently on hundreds of TV shows including the Today Show & Oprah. He has been a drug consultant on a number of films. He was recently featured in the PBS Frontline documentary entitled “Drug Wars”, the VH-1 special entitled “The Drug Years” and the VH-1 documentary, “Planet Rock: The Story of Hip Hop and the Crack Generation”.

His best-selling autobiography, “Dead on Delivery” was published by Warner Books and was the basis for a television movie entitled Mob Justice. Bob has been named “Outstanding Speaker of the Year” by numerous associations, most recently, The American Association of Clinical Chemistry. Bob’s extensive speaking tours have brought him before thousands of audiences in over 70 countries.


About Judge Jodi

As a former Metro Detroit felony prosecutor with a perfect trial record, Judge Jodi Debbrecht Switalski has witnessed first-hand, the devastating effects surrounding interpersonal violence, substance abuse and dependency within our families, our children and our communities.

After being appointed to her judicial seat by the Governor of the State of Michigan, Judge Jodi became a pioneer in her state, initiating an early response to synthetic drugs and the opioid epidemic, orchestrating town hall forums and seminars in schools and private institutions, and reaching out to judges, correction officers and medical professionals. To further her efforts on prevention, Judge Jodi co-founded the Regional Anti-Drug Education and Outreach, which has received numerous accolades.

Along with her community advocacy, Judge Jodi operates highly successful sobriety, drug and domestic violence courts and founded one of the first veteran’s treatment courts in the State of Michigan, extending this education and advocacy to this new class of individuals – our heroes, the men and women returning from military service. Judge Jodi has their six.

For over 25 years, Judge Jodi has been on the front lines of mid-America working with our families, our children, and our veterans on issues surrounding interpersonal violence, substance abuse and dependency. Whether working as a child protection worker, a prosecutor of high profile violent crimes or using the power of her judicial seat to guide individuals into recovery, Judge Jodi continues to be in the forefront of our daily lives striving to make a difference.

Her presentations represent the premier research and real life stories from the front lines of today’s families and professional systems to educate and provide tools for families, schools, coalitions and professionals to arm themselves against the greatest health issues facing our country today.

Judge Jodi earned her undergraduate degree in psychology with an emphasis in children with behavioral disorders, studied in her graduate program in human development and completed her juris doctorate in 2003. She was unanimously selected to receive the state wide, first ever “Integrity in our Communities” Award from Thomas M. Cooley Law School and was recently appointed as a member of the State Drug Treatment Court Advisory Committee. Judge Jodi is a frequent guest on a number of TV and radio shows and has appeared before hundreds of audiences in the U.S. of varying demographics. As quoted by Bob Stutman, “Jodi is the first person I’ve met who has the intimate knowledge of premier research, the practical hands-on experience and the deep seated passion for the issue of substance abuse in America”.

What People Are Saying

Bob Stutman and the Judge Jodi are the best, most dynamic speakers I’ve ever heard in 42 years of going to medical presentations
–Quote from physician attending Quest Diagnostics Presentation, San Antonio, TX

If you are wondering what has happened to our heroes, this man is one
–Dan Rather to 1,500 CBS Affiliates

Bob & Judge Jodi, It was both a pleasure and inspiring meeting both of you. Thank you for your commitment to educate all of us about the drug problem in our country and the part we all play in it. This is clearly an issue that we all have to do our best to minimize
–Karen J. Williams, BSMT(ASCP), Laboratory Manager, Internal Medicine of Northern Michigan

The most famous narc in America.
–New York Magazine

Bob, I want to thank you again for your powerful, succinct, but highly relevant talk on drug overuse/abuse/overdose. It sent a powerful message and a reminder to everyone what is currently at stake. Your caliber as a former DEA agent now retired, turned motivational speaker on this message made me consider it as a NOBEL lecture of the decade.
–Samuel Sheng, M.D. FAAP, Practicing pediatrician with Cook Children’s Healthcare Systems/Cook Children’s Physician Network

An S.O.B. on the side of the angels
–Boston Herald Magazine

Bob Stutman was my favorite presenter of the entire conference. Great knowledge, great personality, and a great presenter.
–National Association of Drug Court Professionals 19 Annual Training Conference

Those who heard you will never be the same on the drug issue again.
–David Burke, President CBS News

Jodi embraced and engaged the audience of student pharmacists and presented the cold, hard facts about prescription drug abuse in a lighthearted and education format. She not only presented the facts she urged the audience to take responsibility as practitioners. As a retired faculty member and a pharmacist, I can reasonably state that I know the students have not had this information presented to them nor is it part of the pharmacy curriculum. IT was a real eye opener for the audience and the student pharmacist association.
–Carol A. Bugdalski-Stutrud, RPh, FAPhA, Adjunct Professor, WSU-EACPHS

Mr. Stutman has given a new voice and new visibility to the agency charged with spearheading the nation’s battle against drugs.
–The New York Times

My expectations were far exceeded with this presentation. I walked away with a plethora of shocking statistics and the motivation to learn more about identifying problems and prophylactic actions pharmacists can employ. It was a very motivating and enlightening presentation, with a fresh perspective from a judge who is working on our side to ensure the best outcomes for our patients.
–Bre Johnson, Wayne State University

He has astounding impact. He lives and breathes this. I think that is why he has such an effect.
–Naples Daily News, FL

Hon. Jodi Debbrecht Switalski prepared and presented an interactive presentation for our student pharmacists that focused on what we can collaboratively do to improve patient outcomes and avoid addiction. Her presentation style was easily an 11 out of 10.
–Stephen Kaurala, PharmD Candidate 2016, Wayne State University, Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

I have been to several drug prevention seminars, but have never been moved the way I was during your presentation. Your blunt, honest manner really drives home the gravity of this situation. I am convinced so many of our parents here are in the dark about how big this problem really is in our community. As you stated yourself, I think parents here think of drugs as an inner city problem and not one that continues to kill in our own backyard.
–Senior Reporter ABC 7 News, Fort Myers, FL

Jodi, thanks so much! I’m thrilled with how our event went, and you were a big part of making the event a success. Your knowledge on the subject, your experience, and your passion had a powerful impact on all attending. Now we need to harness all that energy to effect change – the majority of the people in that room last night want to make a difference but don’t know how. They want leadership. I say we give it to them.
–Lauren A. Rousseau

I cannot thank you enough for recommending Bob Stutman and Judge Jodi Switalski for our program. Bob and Judge Jodi delivered a very powerful program and message that should be required for both parents and adults.
Each brought a different perspective to the current drug problem and culture- Bob from a DEA vantage and Judge Jodi from her work on the bench dealing with children involved in illegal drug use. They presented very solid information and research peppered with anecdotes that had lasting impact on myself and the audience. We were completely “locked in” the entire day.
–Brian M. O’Neil, Harbor Light Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Inc, Director, The Great Black Swamp Dental Study Club of Northwest Ohio

Our Academy has spoken loud and clear on how blessed we all were by your presentation. These approval ratings are over the top for satisfaction in session evaluations by any standard. You can take stock in the fact that with the cross-section of dental leaders, consultants and lecturers in American Academy of Dental Practice Association, these numbers come from highly qualified individuals.
–Dr. Dale Kennedy, Program Chair, American Academy of Dental Practice Association

Bravo! Your perspective, experience, energy and intelligence are laser focused.
–Mitchell S. Rosenthal, MD, Founder and Former President of Phoenix House