When the Party Is Over


The Sober Reality of Substance and Alcohol Use and Abuse When the Party is Over was created to confront the epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse among college students. In this powerful lecture, Bob Stutman and Judge Jodi Switalski explain what we’re up against and how we can empower and protect our students, our campuses… Read more »

Wasting the Best and Brightest


Substance Abuse at America’s Colleges and Universities “It’s Like Being Held In My Mother’s Arms” Out of the mouths of babes…the above is a direct quote from a high school senior who had been accepted to Princeton University and was addicted to OxyContin. We can now chemically replicate one of life’s most secure feelings with… Read more »

Synthetic Drugs and the State of Our Nations Helplessness


Fundamental Lessons for Prevention That Could Save Your Child’s Life In 2010, Dickie Sanders, a young man standing in his parent’s kitchen with his father standing helplessly by his side, is screaming, fearful and suffering from severe hallucinations – the episode concludes with Dickie slitting his own throat with a butcher knife in the kitchen…. Read more »