Not My Kid! Not My Company!

Most of our common knowledge about drugs—to include alcohol—has little or no ability to protect our kids or the workplace. Our kids and the workplace are at huge risk because we don’t even know what we don’t know about drugs today.

For the first time in history, more people died last year from accidental overdose of prescription drugs than from accidental overdose of illegal drugs. Those that are using have no idea what they are taking and have no room for mistakes. Too much and they will kill you! How many of us realize that the drugs killing our children come from our own medicine cabinets? Parents are becoming the most significant source of drugs in the U.S.

Pre-teens and teens are using drugs most of us have never heard about: “OCs”, “Roxies”, “Fruit Salad”, “Roofies”, and “Salvia”. Could you protect your child or work environment on your current knowledge of these drugs? And what about when your child, as a young adult, goes off to college? Would your current knowledge about drugs/alcohol empower them to protect themselves?

And what about the workplace? By the time many companies think about drugs/alcohol in the workplace, they’ve been blindsided by a lawsuit. They often think they have the problem under control. Unfortunately, they do not realize the costs of, not only the measurable ones such as absenteeism, but also completely unexpected accidents that may end up in punitive damage suits, for which they are not insured.

Too often by the time families or companies are receiving the facts about drugs/alcohol they are receiving it as an explanation to a serious incident and even tragedy. The real tragedy is that this is usually preventable. Bob Stutman will bring to the forefront the best research and knowledge showing us what we’re up against and how we can empower and protect our families and work environment from, what he believes, to be the greatest health issue in our world today.