Middle School & High School
A full-day program consists of a maximum of five substance abuse education and prevention presentations including interactive sessions with the students, administrators, faculty, follow-up committee and parents. Bob completes his program with a customized suggested course of action to fit the needs of each school.
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In Bob’s college presentations he brings hard-hitting, blunt and factual information to students, faculty, administrators and campus security based on his 40 years of experience as a law enforcement officer, special consultant on both CBS and PBS News and as a presenter to hundreds of schools, families and communities across the country.
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Parent & Community
Bob Stutman presents information that is based on his 40 years of dealing with substance abuse as a law enforcement officer and consultant on substance abuse in our schools, communities, and families.
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Medical & Dental
This program meets the criteria for CME Accreditation. Bob will discuss in detail the phenomena of how we went from an hallucinogen illicit drug abusing society to a society that primarily abuses pharmaceutical drugs. This did not happen by accident. When? Why? How?
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By the time many companies think about drugs and alcohol in the workplace, they’ve been blindsided by a lawsuit. They often think they have the problem under control. Unfortunately, they do not realize the costs of, not only the measurable ones such as absenteeism, but also completely unexpected accidents that may end up in punitive damage suits, for which they are not insured. Bob will bring the best research and knowledge available showing us what we’re up against and how we can empower our workplace, our families and our communities.
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Judge Jodi will present you with a comprehensive seminar on the evolution and use of drugs in our military. This seminar will include information on the signs, symptoms, and dangers surrounding abuse as well as information regarding the current Veteran’s Administration policies for treatment and how without this information, we will continue to see rising rates of addiction and suicide in our most honorable men and women. This is a seminar not to be missed. After all, they fought for us, shouldn’t we fight for them?
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Treatment Courts & Specialists
This is a CLE & CEU Accredited Program. This educational program is appropriate for professionals of varying disciplines: judges, law enforcement, treatment providers, attorneys (to include prosecutors and defense counsel), probation and/or correction officers and more. People suffering from addiction are creative and in order to help them help themselves we must beat them at their own game of use and abuse. This innovative program will present cutting edge empirical data and research to help you maximize the efficacy of your treatment court.
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