Synthetic Drugs and the State of Our Nations Helplessness

Fundamental Lessons for Prevention That Could Save Your Child’s Life

In 2010, Dickie Sanders, a young man standing in his parent’s kitchen with his father standing helplessly by his side, is screaming, fearful and suffering from severe hallucinations – the episode concludes with Dickie slitting his own throat with a butcher knife in the kitchen. Two days later, after receiving treatment, Dickie, whose father slept beside him at home, quietly slips into his bedroom where he located his .22 caliber rifle and shot himself in the head, killing himself.

Dickie had used bath salts, one of the common, inexpensive synthetic drugs specifically marketed as natural to teenagers and young adults. The initial psychosis causing severe trauma during hallucinations often resulting in latent psychotic episodes without additional use.

Dickie’s parents had no idea. Dickie had no idea.

Later that same year, a young man similar in age stood before Judge Jodi pleading for help. “My brain is bleeding,” he would say. Numerous psychotic episodes later, a myriad of failed attempts to place him in a treatment facility, incarceration become the only resource to protect him from himself and protect his family from him. The barking and screaming resulting from his psychosis a direct result of the use of synthetic drugs.

The true stories of tragedy and helplessness for the individual, the family, the community, the health care system, law enforcement, educators and more go on and on. Tucker Cipriano viciously murdered his father with a baseball bat and almost killed his mother and twin brother while using synthetic drugs. A grandmother, fearful of her grandson who was using synthetic drugs, kills him claiming protection of self.

Despite these – and other – highly publicized tragedies, synthetic drugs, “designer drugs,” keep coming back. The scariest part, and the most unknown, still lies ahead of us – the chemicals used become more intense, the dealers are getting smarter and our ability to schedule it not any more reliable. Constant education and action are the only way to combat synthetic drug use. The enigma that is synthetic drugs has never been seen with other substances – and our kids are using it and they don’t even know it. New names, new chemicals, new methods to escape detection of the substance mandate the emergency response seen around the world, requiring constant international and professional attention.

Judge Jodi will present you with a comprehensive seminar on synthetic drugs to include her personal and professional experiences such as the ones noted above. What synthetic drugs are, the signs, symptoms, the dangers, public reaction and response, what we know and more importantly, what we don’t, and why synthetic drugs could arguably be one of the most dangerous intentional attacks on our youngest generations ever experienced.