The New Faces of Drugs & Addiction

Who They Are & What They Use

Join Judge Jodi Debbrecht Switalski as she shares the devastating “real life” picture of substance abuse and addiction in today’s world.

Based on her 25 years of front-line experience as a former violent felony prosecutor, child protection worker and as a current Judge who operates highly successful sobriety, drug and domestic violence courts, Judge Jodi has first-hand experience dealing with the issues facing our society today.

Consider the following:

90% of people who become addicts begin using when they are teenagers.

1 in 4 graduating teens will become addicted to a substance in their lifetime.

Think of these statistics! Even before the addiction cycle begins to take hold, our youngest, most vulnerable children are becoming pray to the epidemic that is addiction. Addiction is taking the lives of children reportedly as young as 18 months and studies are beginning to show the detrimental effects of once thought harmless medications such as benzodiazepines and opioids on prenatal development.

In an age when almost 60% of households with children have two parents working, and federal spending on education and prevention has been drastically cut, children and teens are sometimes faced with the reality that they must confront the temptations of adolescence without direction and constant supervision. Developmentally, these are the years where kids seek their greatest independence often facilitated by learned behaviors from parents or other caregivers but also those glorified on television, radio and in the media. Physiological development is incomplete and areas in the brain susceptible to addiction are at great risk. In her courtroom, Jude Jodine repeatedly deals with young adults, addicted and teetering on the edge of severe addiction behavior with the parents having no idea how they arrived in this situation.

Missed are the opportunities of parents, teachers, social workers, school counselors, coaches, dentists and doctors (yes, pediatricians!), juvenile caseworkers and even judges to engage in early intervention by virtue of not knowing the signs and symptoms of addiction. How many of say “NOT MY KID!” Well, unfortunately, it may be your child. It may be your child’s best friend, the star of the basketball team, the prom queen, or the winner of the chess competition. It may have begun harmlessly with a prescription for pain medication as a result of sports injury or dental procedure. It may have been behavior that was modeled from someone they respected and admired. After all, if a pill will make you feel better, why wouldn’t you take another? And another…

These – OUR CHILDREN – are the new faces of addiction.

Judge Jodi will use an interactive approach, comprehensive knowledge and experience that will assist you in resolving these outstanding questions and provide insight into early detection and prevention of addiction within the family unit and other systems affecting both individuals and cohort groups. Judge Jodi will provide you with the tools to help you make a difference in this war on addiction and dependence.